Geoff Barton’s Vision for ASCL
About Geoff…

Geoff studied English and Linguistics at the University of Lancaster, then trained to teach at Leicester University. From 2002 to 2017 he was headteacher of King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds, a comprehensive school of 1650 students.

He is a Founding Fellow of the English Association and writes for a range of newspapers and journals. He has worked with various organisations, including the Department for Education, on leadership and literacy.

Geoff was a longstanding member of ASCL Council, former chair of its Pedagogy Committee, is Patron of the English and Media Centre, and a ‘Leading Thinker’ for the National Education Trust. He became General Secretary of ASCL in April 2017.

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The festival in numbers

Evolving from our pilot festival held at University of Suffolk in 2016, we are amazed to see that we have grown into a movement with international reach aimed at the betterment of education as a whole.

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125 sessions

First Past the Post!

Please note: unless specifically advertised, all sessions will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis on arrival at the session venue, so if there’s something you particularly want to get to, we advise you to get to the session a little earlier than the 2 minutes suggested.

Only a few sessions will be available to pre-book and reserve entrance

Please arrive 2 minutes prior to the session start time

Keep an eye on the app, website and screens for changes and updates

There will be some Masterclasses which will be pre-booking only

The bringer of good news…

We aim to make the Festival experience great for everyone involved. We encourage you to join as many sessions as you like and if you miss out on one simply join another. Talk, share your experiences, have a bite to eat and don’t forget to take a selfie. Post it on Twitter or Facebook using @IFLSuffolk   and you will get featured on our page.

Standing room will be allowed for most keynotes

Session times are staggered, so if a session is full you should be able to go to something else without missing the start

There will be plenty of networking spaces for you to relax and chat if you're not going to a session

There will be plenty of networking spaces for you to relax and chat if you're not going to a session

Photography and video capture will be allowed in most areas of the festival including within sessions (not flash photography). Where it is not allowed, this will be well-publicised


The spoilsport bit…

We encourage you to have as much fun as possible and to keep everything at an enjoyable level, there are a few things that we have to limit.

Please expect session doors to be closed on time, or once a session is full within the first 5 minutes

Flash photography is allowed only with pre-authorisation

Please refrain from smoking or vaping anywhere on the venue site (indoors and outdoors)

Please don't 'save seats' for others in sessions prior to the doors closing